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Web development - our secret fetish

Yes, we admit it: our biggest passion is sitting in front of a PC for hours, typing codes and thinking in programming language. The results are amazing.

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  • Implementing business ideas
    Whether website, e-commerce, app, product configurator or digital service: we get your business off the ground
  • Programmer competence
    We have in-depth knowledge of classic design (HTML5, SCSS) and programming languages (Angular, Vue, React, Flutter, OHO, C#, Java).
  • Taylor Made Concept
    Our passion for programming enables us to professionally implement even the most complex requirements of our customers.

Core competency: web development

Web development is a large part of the technical services in the environment of an Internet presence:
- Programming of a website 
- Software development for any kind of application (mobile and web
  applications, e-commerce store, voice assistant, digital services)
- conception and development of technical solutions for an online
- smart design of standard processes and their automation

The company does not have to adapt to the system, but the system to the company. 
Sounds logical and simple. But it is not. Because only a few agencies are able to provide complex programming services. So often already existing solutions are bent to fit, like a provisional solution. repalogic starts every new project "from the scratch": when it is clear what the customer wants, we get started.

repalogic analyzes the processes in a company and proposes solutions which, if implemented quickly and consistently, will increase revenues in the short term - and reduce costs at the same time.
hand typing on a keyboard

TYRIOS - our distribution system

An intelligent solution for the e-commerce environment

Process automation

Error correction, optimization, automation

Digitization of service offers

Additional services become a lucrative side business

Programming apps

Whether as a sales channel, marketing tool, customer loyalty - apps are universally applicable


Added value for the customer/user


Added value for the enterprise

Find out more about our services and make an appointment for a free consultation on +49 (0)7575 7180 951

TYRIOS - our distribution system

TYRIOS is our flagship project, already continuously on the market for two decades and - thanks to constant optimization - the perfect solution in the e-commerce environment.

TYRIOS is a jack of all trades and offers a wide range of services:

- WebPage-Builder: the customer can also build and design his              website himself
- Omni-channel online store: present and usable on increasingly
  almost all channels Innovative marketing tools for improved
  performance in sales
- Customer database: the be-all and end-all in a web store
- PIM Product information management for the best presentation of
  your products
- Intelligent order management saves time and eliminates sources of
- Real-time business analyses enable fast and targeted reactions to
  market changes

TYRIOS is a real game changer for traders who want to be successful online.
man and woman smile at each other

Process automation

In every company there is a certain range of processes. The more extensive and complex the business, the more processes there are. These are usually created in a modular fashion and often at different points in time: Where a certain process is defined and the need for a new process is recognized, a new process is created.

This usually interacts with already existing processes. Sometimes more, but sometimes also in a less useful way with different efficiency. Here, it is worthwhile to take a close look at or analyze the process. This results in the following consequences:

- Optimization of interactivity Possible troubleshooting
- Optimization of the individual processes Automation where
robot plays keyboard

Digitization of service offers

Everyone agrees that service is a great thing. Anyone who has studied the customer journey knows that service can bind customers to a company and also open up new areas of business. In almost every industry, there is an opportunity to digitize service and turn it into an additional, lucrative source of revenue. And at the same time ensure customer satisfaction.

For example, it makes sense to offer a repair service and/or spare parts delivery for products that are subject to natural wear and tear. The customer will accept this gratefully and - provided he is satisfied with the service - will keep coming back.

The best example here is the car dealership with an attached workshop. This service can be digitized by organizing appointments online and combining certain service packages and booking them in advance. For example, the dealership's customer brings his car in for its annual inspection and books the inspection that may be due and a winter service package, in which the car is made winter-proof.
graphic representation of the customer journey

Programming apps

Web and mobile apps can not only be very useful, they can also intensify the relationship between a company and its customers. Because - as soon as an app is able to permanently solve an existing problem for the customer, he will gladly accept it, use it regularly and thus mutate into a regular customer.  

To achieve this, a customer app is necessary in which provider and user interact. The company can actively sell via this app (e.g. Zalando), but also present new products, draw attention to offers and manage loyalty programs. It is also possible to monitor the customer's customer journey and make optimal use of the touchpoints.

The customer, in turn, can use the app as a source of information, take advantage of offers, and perhaps even serve elementary needs that offer real added value (e.g., collecting miles with the Lufthansa credit card).

Another exciting field for programming an app can also be a project-based one. A good example is an app programmed for a specific trade fair. Here you can find a map of the exhibitors' locations and details of what they have to offer, as well as information on parking, checkrooms, catering. And if the app is really good, it can also be used to organize accommodation, a cab and the ticket for the trade fair visit.
hand lies in front of screen

Added value for the client/user

Web development also has something to do with customer friendliness and user experience. Only if the customer can find added value in an application will he use it.

What does the customer specifically perceive as added value? To name just a few aspects:

- Easier overview of a company's product and service offering
- Use of the interface as a source of information (here, the provider
  must ensure that appropriate content is made available, such as
  test reports, background knowledge, etc.)
- Overview of costs, alternative providers and products, comparison
- Direct purchase via the application, processing of payment,
  shipment tracking
- Post-management of the purchase process (complaints, returns,
  update options, repair service, etc.).

A prime example of the application of the customer journey. Touchpoints are perceived as useful and valuable by the customer. The chances that he will buy from the same store again are good.
young couple looks at a smartphone

Added value for the enterprise

The prospects for companies that base their web development on the customer journey are countless. The tools for this give the company an enormous advantage over analog systems. These include:

Better planning reliability in purchasing and the allocation of resources. Let's take the car dealership as an example again: if the customer books services digitally in advance, personnel and material deployment and time expenditure can be planned precisely.

Automated processes save time, and time saved equals money saved Employees are relieved of workloads and can focus more intensively on customers instead of wasting resources unnecessarily on handling standard processes Employee satisfaction and efficiency increase - a key criterion in times of an emerging shortage of skilled workers. Successful digitization increases the reach and visibility of a company.

several young people look joyfully at a notebook

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