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Security and data protection concept: Shield icon with a lock symbol, representing safeguarding sensitive information.

SureLog SIEM

The innovative SIEM system

Detect incidents up to 80% faster and save costs at the same time!

  • A clock and a check mark on a gearwheel, symbolizing completion and time management. Real-time visibility
    Easily monitor network devices in real-time and detect potential threats earlier.
  • A gearwheel with a tick mark, symbolizing completion or success. Automated compliance
    Simplify and automate regulatory compliance reporting to avoid costly fines and audits.
  • A monochrome shield, displaying a classic design, in black and white. Threat detection
    Quickly detect and stop professional attacks before they cause significant damage.

Scientifically proven

Rely on one of the most innovative tools to detect possible attacks on your infrastructure. With SureLog SIEM you have a tool that has proven its performance in science many times over. This also convinces companies from a wide range of industries.

Logo of PIXERY
Logo of HONDA

Key Features

A hand holding a smartphone displaying a security icon.
365 days log retention

Automated log analysis for up to an entire year increases detection speed, even for complex attacks

Isometric illustration of a business process flow diagram, showcasing the sequential steps involved.
Sigma rules in real time

SureLog SIEM is the only SIEM that fully complies with Sigma rules and can run in real-time without sacrificing performance.

A woman sitting in front of a server with a cloud connected to it, symbolizing data storage and accessibility.
Integrated backup strategy

SureLog SIEM is the only SIEM where data protection is real-time, automatic and incremental.

An illustration of a laptop, light bulb, and paper clip, representing technology, creativity, and organization.
Enterprise Performance

With distributed correlation, customers can process thousands of rule events per second

Eine Illustration eines Laptops, einer Glühbirne und einer Büroklammer, die für Technologie, Kreativität und Organisation stehen.
Increased evidentiary value

Smarter storage methods make your evidence stronger, strengthening your compliance

A man securely holds a lock and chain, ready to secure a computer.
Hot log storage

Intelligent storage methods systematically reduce ongoing hardware costs while increasing efficiency.

Increased security

SureLog SIEM doesn't just rely on analysis. It has been shown that different attack paths require different analyzes in order to detect them as quickly and effectively as possible.

A secure software development platform called Siem.
  • A magnifying glass on a white background, used for close examination or investigation. Detection of masquerading
    Masquerading occurs when name or location is manipulated or misused to circumvent defenses and observation.
  • A person using a magnifying glass to examine a computer screen closely for details. Random string analysis
    The SureLog malware detection engine is enhanced with statistical methods to identify malware
  • Internet browser icon - a vector illustration design depicting an icon representing an internet browser. DGA detection
    SureLog uses statistical methods and AI to identify DGA-based (Domain Generation Algorithm) threats in real time.
  • A computer screen displaying gears and a clock, representing the intricate workings of time and technology. Distributed anomaly detection
    Surelog SIEM detects and classifies anomalies in distributed environments, efficiently securing even large companies.

Numerous analyzes carried out in parallel

SureLog SIEM uses a variety of tried-and-tested and intelligent analysis methods to deliver the highest detection accuracy possible with the current state of the art.

  • A black and white image of three computers stacked on top of each other. Real-time CEP analysis
    Even complex events can be identified systematically and efficiently with SureLog SIEM. 
  • representing system behavior analysis using Sigma rules Real-time sigma analysis
    Quickly identify undesirable patterns in your system behavior based on standardized Sigma rules
  • A file named 'sql' with a document icon representing a database query language commonly used in programming. SQL streaming analysis
    Access live data streams for your analyzes and react more quickly to potential attacks.
  • A server with a person standing next to it, illustrating the human presence in managing and maintaining the server infrastructure. Behavioral Analysis
    SureLog SIEM analyzes the behavior of your system infrastructure and can specifically detect deviations.
  • Black and white AI head icon. AI detection
    Modern AI (artificial intelligence) processes systematically detect abnormalities and peculiarities in your system
  • A monochrome computer icon, depicting a black and white image of a computer. Rules-based analysis
    Use individually expandable rules at Java, Mvel or Python level at any time - individually tailored to your situation.

Request a demo now!

Secure your infrastructure from costly attacks. With SureLog SIEM you have the perfect tool for detecting attacks.

Your consultant at repalogic

Dr. Mathias Bank
Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

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