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Creative UX UI Design Service

repalogic prioritizes client-centric approaches, crafting user and customer experiences with engaging UIs to yield tangible business outcomes. 

A step-by-step guide on designing a mobile app, including wireframing, prototyping, and UI design.

Our Successful Partners

What Makes Our Approach So Special?


repalogic delivers premium UX UI design services tailored to your business requirements, showcasing expertise in the following areas.

  • A green magnifying icon with a person in the center, symbolizing search and discovery. User Focused
    repalogic's UX UI services focus on ROI, blending design and business needs for enhanced user interactions.
  • A green light bulb icon on a white background, symbolizing innovation and creativity. Delivering Top-Notch Solutions
    Off-the-shelf solutions consider tech plug-ins, adaptations, and risk mitigation. UX UI services strategically craft expansive, user-friendly interfaces.
  • A green logo featuring four people, symbolizing unity and collaboration. App Platform Engagement
    Design elements aim for robust user interaction, integrating optimal steps to fulfill user purposes effectively.
  • A green arrow precisely aimed at a target, symbolizing accuracy and hitting the mark. Support & Usability Testing
    We craft agile, smart, and interactive UX UI designs for diverse platforms, rigorously testing usability and scalability.
  • A green logo featuring a magnifying glass and a graph, representing the concept of search and analysis. Data-Driven Design Approach
    Our UX UI services employ advanced analytics and user feedback to continually refine and personalize the user experience, ensuring our designs not only look great but also perform exceptionally.
  • A green person with outstretched arms on a white background. Accessibility and Inclusivity
    We prioritize making our digital interfaces accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, ensuring a wider audience can benefit from and enjoy our user-centric designs.

Customer Testimonials

Mr. Christian Rebholz photograph

I can unreservedly recommend the company repalogic. The team delivers professional results at a top level. For us, repalogic is an ideal sparring partner in the field of technical development.

Christian Rebholz CEO, HR-INFOTAINMENT
Ms. Daniela Bordan photograph

We have been working with the TYRIOS system for several years and are absolutely thrilled! No matter where you are - with internet access, you always have the complete company with all processes and data "with you". Our products are found much better on Google than with our old shop system, which is reflected in an increase in turnover. Suggestions and ideas always find an open ear and the regular updates of the system to ever more refined functions always run smoothly.

Daniela Bordan CEO, LTH-GMBH
Mr. Christian Heinzel photograph

We have been working with repalogic for almost four years. Until December 2020, only for our website. Due to the Corona lockdown, we were forced to quickly design and implement an online shop. In no time at all, the repalogic team helped us set up an online shop with excellent Google visibility for our products.

Christian Heinzel CEO, SPORT HEINEL

What Services Are Included?

When you opt for repalogic UX UI design services, you're tapping into over 25 years of our extensive experience.

A green light bulb with a crane perched on top, symbolizing innovation and progress.
Pioneering Design Heights For The Past Decade

Unveiling a decade-long journey of groundbreaking design achievements, setting new standards for innovation and creativity.

A group of individuals standing on a ladder holding a sign that displays the letter 'e'.
Multi-Industry Expertise

Versatile mastery across various industries, showcasing adeptness, adaptability, and a deep understanding of diverse sectors & effective solutions.

A diverse team collaborates on a computer screen, engrossed in their work.
Primed For Perfection

To provide quality UX UI design services at repalogic, we adhere to tried-and-true in-house standards, driving creativity through a structured lens.

Your Path To UX UI Designing

  1. Experienced UX UI Designers
  2. Flexible engagement options
  3. Cost-effective Solutions
  4. Daily/weekly/monthly reporting
  5. Smooth communication
  6. Scalable Process

UX UI Design Process

A green logo featuring a person examining a magnifying glass.
Discovery and Research

Understanding Client Goals and User Needs

A green and white icon of a box with a check mark, symbolizing completion or success.

Creating a Roadmap and Strategy

A green pen and arrow on a white background, symbolizing direction and creativity.

Initiate and Finalizing Design Concepts

A computer screen icon in green color.

Completion of a Functional Prototype

A laptop with a green icon and a magnifying glass on top, symbolizing search functionality.
Testing and Quality Assurance

Reaching a Bug-Free and Optimized Product

A green rocket logo on a white background, representing innovation and progress.

Successful Deployment

A green icon featuring a gear and a gear wheel.
Post-Launch Support and Maintenance

Ongoing Improvement and User Satisfaction

Elevate Your Digital Journey With Our Comprehensive Design Services

Our services encompass a holistic approach, ensuring that every aspect of your digital presence is thoughtfully crafted and optimized. From user interface design to user experience enhancements, we are dedicated to creating a seamless and captivating digital journey for your audience.


Wondering more about how our design services can transform your digital presence?

What is a UX UI design service?

User experience (UX) User interface (UI) design services are methods of creating digital interfaces that are both visually compelling and user-friendly.

They involve researching user behavior, creating wireframes and prototypes, conducting iterative testing and validating concepts to refine the interface, and ultimately developing an engaging and efficient user-driven design.

Are UX UI part of service design?

While the two are integral to service design, UX UI encompass distinct aspects of the digital experience. UI predominantly concerns itself with the aesthetic elements of design, ensuring visually appealing, pixel-perfect digital solutions.

On the other hand, UX design services delve into user interactions with a company, focusing on creating seamless, easy-to-navigate interfaces for an optimized user journey.

Service design is a superset of UX design services. It plans and organizes the business's resources - people, processes, and props - to deliver a superior customer experience. If you consider service design the 'how,' it outlines how the business aligns its internal operations to realize a quality user experience.

Thus, our UX UI design services align with service design to create holistic, user-centric digital platforms.

How will UX UI consulting services help my product/service?

UX UI consulting services help to evaluate and improve your existing product or guide the creation of a new one. Drawing from user-driven design principles, these services ensure your product is user-friendly, aligns with your customer's needs, and facilitates a seamless user experience to encourage customer engagement and retention.

Additionally, these services offer insightful information about user behavior and preference trends, giving your product a competitive edge. They can also identify potential roadblocks in the user journey, enabling you to make necessary adjustments for optimal navigation. Ultimately, UX UI consulting services can drive your product's market success by elevating the overall user experience and increasing revenue.

What does a UX service designer do?

A UX service designer focuses on crafting a customer-oriented design strategy. They conduct extensive user research, create user personas, design wireframes, build prototypes, and carry out user testing to ensure the final product delivers an exceptional customer experience.

With a UX designer's primary goal of understanding the customer journey and creating a product that caters to these needs, their projects must enhance customer satisfaction and engagement.

Our UX service designers adapt to your unique preferences and requirements, providing bespoke design solutions that resonate with your brand. If you're keen to explore more about their capabilities, you are welcome to connect with us.

We invite you to leverage our customized UX UI design services, dedicated to fulfilling your distinct needs and contributing positively to your project's success.

What else do you offer besides UX UI services?

In addition to our exceptional UX UI services, we provide comprehensive solutions, including Cyber Security, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Hosting Services, and E-commerce Web Applications.

Let’s brew something amazing!

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