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UX design: A clear announcement

UX design stands for the positive user experience during interaction with a company's digital presence.

colored pencils

We make sure users are satisfied

A well thought-out UX design for your digital presence


Clarity and ease of use - in other words: user habits must be taken into account at all costs.

Online shop

From the initial contact to the conclusion of the purchase, all touchpoints of the customer journey in the store must be precisely coordinated.


business app

To be successful as a provider, the app must offer real added value and a very good user experience.

 "Design is not just how it looks like and how it feels like. Design is how it works" Steve Jobs

Where does UX design work?
Quite simply, unlike user interface design, it's not about graphic design, but about the quality of the user experience.

What is the task of UX design?
To present complex relationships in an understandable way and provide the user with a clear, goal-oriented user interface.

Why is UX design so important?
The commercial success of a digital medium depends on what added value the user can derive from it.  If, for example, an online store looks visually attractive, this is a positive thing, but it says little about how successful this e-commerce will be.

UX design and the customer journey
 UX design perfects the steps that users take during the customer journey: from the information phase to the selection of the desired product to the payment process and beyond.
man explains mockup for a mobile app to a woman

Analysis and data collection

Collection and evaluation of on- and offline data as a basis for further measures

Personas and target audience

Detailed knowledge of personas and target group is elementary for a functioning UX design

UX design conception

Multiple phases of development: from brainstorming to digital prototype

Usability testing

The prototype will be tested and verified in different phases.

digital accessibility

Accessibility also applies in the digital world and is a real challenge for developers - and will be the EU-wide standard for all websites from 2025

Results analysis

The results from all the preceding stages are collected, analyzed and incorporated into the finished product. Subsequently, the release takes place.

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Analysis and data collection

In the case of a website that is about to be relaunched or redesigned, data is collected and analyzed, which includes online and offline techniques.

- SEO analysis of user behavior in terms of keywords and user intent.
- Competitor analysis: user navigation behavior on a successful              competitor application
- Usability testing on the previous application (to identify errors and      avoid them in the future).

- Surveys
- Case studies
- Reports
- Customer Journey: individualize touchpoints

The collected data and insights form the basis for all further measures.
abstract graphics

Personas and data collection

A fundamental part of the user experience is the determination of the target group on the basis of personas. Only those who know their target group and their needs precisely can offer the user of the application a positive user experience.

The demographic data, attributes, wishes, needs and habits of the personas allow conclusions to be drawn about what the UX design should ideally look like. Clusters are generated to reach as many users as possible. This is because it may well be that several personas and ergo a broad or several target groups are to be addressed.
group of people smiles into a camera

UX design conception

The development phase comprises several steps.
- Brainstorming: Here, users can have their say with their wishes and    previous experiences. Likewise, committed mistakes are named.
- Creation of a sitemap: Hierarchy of content and navigation                  structure are defined.
- Digital prototype in the form of a mock-up is presented to the              customer.
- A digital prototype is then created
editing a mockup for a mobile phone

Usability testing

The digital prototype is tested in different phases and by different groups.

- Test experience gathered as early as the conception stage is                incorporated into the project. This experience can also relate only      to partial aspects of specific applications.
- A group of users is selected to perform tests on technically                  prepared computers. These have webcams for eye tracking and          register clicks, duration of stay and possibly other parameters that    are relevant for the evaluation.
- Finally, a usability report is created that describes exactly what was    tested, to what extent and with what technical equipment.

Participants are also named, infographics created, results presented and recommendations made.
two people discuss a mobile app

digital accessibility

The topic of accessibility deserves special attention. While clear standards have been prescribed and implemented in real life for decades in some cases, digital accessibility is still in its infancy. Around 18 percent of the world's population is affected, at various levels, by a disability. In addition, there is a large number of senior citizens who, although they do not appear in the relevant statistics, de facto also have to contend with limitations.

What does digital accessibility mean? All people should be able to use and understand an app or a website. From 2025, the European Accessibility Act will apply to all EU member states, according to which perceptibility, comprehensibility, robustness and usability are to be guaranteed for people with disabilities. In practical terms, this means:

- Use of simple language
- Clear naming of buttons
- Alternative texts for graphics and images
- Music and video files do not play automatically
- No exclusive color highlighting of content

Another argument for accessibility is the fact that every user, disabled or not, benefits from a simpler site structure and clear content.

We have made this topic our own and implement it consistently.
elderly lady has smartphone explained to her

Result analysis

After the tests are completed, the results from all the preceding stages are collected, analyzed and incorporated into the finished product. Afterwards, the client approves the product and the website or e-commerce or application can go online.

Of course, further control and monitoring of the UX design are necessary. Particularly in the initial phase after the release, further findings may emerge that should be incorporated into the UX design in the short term.

Of course, we accompany our customers beyond this phase and offer updates as well as continuous, holistic support.
someone explains diagram on notebook

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