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Discovery the responsive website platform of Antom Emma



Client Profile

Anton Emma, owned by Stefanie Winter in Frankfurt, specializes in advising and selling sustainable children's fashion and accessories.

The majority of the product range consists of branded clothing from certified organic quality manufacturers for babies, toddlers, and schoolchildren. They offer baby and children's clothing at fair prices, with a focus on organic quality, and all products are MADE IN GERMANY.

Services Provided

Our commitment to eco-friendly children's clothing at Anton Emma goes beyond trends.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Shop Integration
  • Cash register system
  • Process digitalization
  • Branding
  • SEO


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In preparation for the grand opening in Frankfurt am Main (Bornheim), a challenge arose: the need to modernize by creating a website and online shop. Simultaneously, implementing new processes for uniform warehousing, accounting, and on-site sales presented a challenge in achieving efficiency and time savings.




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Beginning with a concept for "Anton Emma - sustainable, high-quality products," a design was developed from idea to a small online shop. For the shop opening, an online platform was created, and processes for merchandise management, the cash register, and marketing were digitally handled.

The repalogic crew allowed the owner to independently handle content creation and design.



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Lockdown Triumph

Anton Emma achieved significant success with her online shop throughout the lockdown, maintaining stable sales through a robust internet presence supported by effective social media campaigns.




Total visitors increased


Increase in average order value


Increase in site conversion rate

Words from client

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