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Web design: not just a matter of good taste

Ideally, all the services required to create a digital presence come from a single source: web design / programming / content. You first have to find an agency that can do all that.

young man working on a pc
  • Technology
    Development and programming according to the latest findings are standard at repalogic
  • design / ux-design
    repalogic relies on modern web design paired with a user-centered, user-friendly interface
  • consulting / support
    repalogic's consulting services accompany the entire process of creating a website, from conception to after sales support

Our approach to the web design

Target group definition and customer journey

The art of addressing customers correctly

Design and Usability

Layout und function must fit together

Techology and E-Commerce

One-stop e-commerce and distribution system

Content - Strategie

Schedule and place interesting content.

SEO and Online - Marketing

Setting the right course for digital presence

Support, development and re-launch 

After-Sales customer care

Here are the fine print

Like a glove: We specialize in the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises - because we also come from the SME sector.

We are local: Our roots are in the south of Germany and many of our customers come from the area around Ulm, Biberach, Ravensburg, Sigmaringen and Lake Constance.

Everything from one source: web development, web design as well as content creation are created by us according to holistic aspects. By the way: we have our own e-commerce system at the start, which can be easily implemented into any website.

Many years of expertise: we have decades of experience and know exactly where to start to make a digital business a success.

Cost saving: Designing programming, webdesing, content and, if necessary, a webshop in parallel is also more cost-effective and efficient overall.

Useful additional services: We also design accompanying marketing measures and take care of search engine optimization (SEO).
PC screen with graphical elements

Find out more about our services and make an appointment for a free consultation on +49 (0)7575 7180 951

Target group definition and customer journey

Before things really get started, there is some homework to be done. However, it's the kind of homework you like to do. The target group that the new website wants to address must be precisely defined. Typically, this is done with the creation of buyer personas. The buying decision process that these buyer personas then go through is in turn called the customer journey. A competitor analysis should also be created.

Does this sound like marketing gobbledygook? Don't worry, it's not. Quite the opposite: as a web design and online marketing agency, we will guide you through this process. Let us tell you this much: it's great fun! There are also many a surprise in this phase. For example, when you realize that the target group for website and eCommerce is not the same as the classic "offline" customer group. This is when what is known in marketing parlance happens: new groups of buyers are tapped.
abstract graphics

Design and usability

Google Data tells us that 53% of visitors to a website leave if the page does not load within three seconds. But even once the page is up, it takes only a few seconds for the user to decide whether he wants to stay on the site or leave for good.

An innovative design is a big plus and a decisive factor for the success of a site. Of course, the look must also match the image of the brand and the products or services offered.

Equally important is the usability or, more precisely, the user experience. In technical jargon, this is also called usability or user experience-. All experts agree that intuitive interfaces and clearly structured layouts make it easier to navigate a website.  Our user experience team ensures that your new website meets the highest standards in this area as well. As an experienced web design agency, we know what a sustainable browsing experience should look like. Responsive design, i.e. the correct rendering of all content on all end devices, is a matter of course.
mobile app design is discussed

Technology and e-commerce

With our own online store system TYRIOS, we have a real unique selling point. TYRIOS is a modular software platform with tried and tested structures and processes. The system is suitable for both wholesale and retail, our customers come from the catering industry as well as trade.

The TYRIOS online store has its own merchandise management system and is therefore also ideal for companies in the fashion industry and sporting goods stores. The list could be continued endlessly here. The development of the system is so diverse and so advanced that it is suitable for any industry.

The programming of the internet presence as well as the implementation of the webshop is done by our team of programmers, all processes are done by and in-house and are carried out by long-time, reliable employees.
toy shopping cart with bags

Content strategy

Content is not everything, but without content everything is nothing. It is not known who wrote this saying, but it is often quoted by lecturers in online marketing lectures.

Because it's true, and word has spread throughout the industry. It is therefore all the more surprising how little attention is paid to the topic of content on most corporate websites. This is not to say that there are not enough texts. However, content strategy means something completely different. For one thing, a common birth defect is that the conception of a website is not accompanied by content planning.

The placeholders provided for it are then filled with content once the site is complete. This is a wrong way of thinking. It is equally wrong to sit down to rest after the work is done and wait for visibility to increase on the search engines. For that to happen, you have to do a lot more and constantly add or revise content.

Our strategic approach is as simple as it is logical: after taking stock and evaluating the existing content, we create a framework into which the various types of content are integrated and maintained. Here, too, we have a team of experts at our disposal and can even provide you with texts for your blog if you wish.
abstract grahics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online-Marketing

An essential part of our service as a web design agency is the search engine optimization also SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimization). This takes place in all sub-areas in the creation of a website. Therefore, a strategy is also required here, which must be pursued consistently.

The most beautiful Internet presence of a company is of no use if the corresponding SEO adjusting screws are not properly adjusted. This is also a constant process, because the search engines, Google first and foremost, constantly change SEO criteria and their weighting. Here it is important to feel the pulse of time and to implement new findings consistently.

The use of other online marketing measures also needs to be well planned. Relevant topics here are newsletter and social media marketing, paid search engine advertising (SEA) or influencer marketing. With our decades of experience, we can also provide you with competent support in this area.
abstract graphic about SEO

Support, development and re-launch

After your new Internet presence is up and running, we will by no means leave you alone, unless otherwise requested. Certainly, there are also Internet presences that can be moderated very well by the website operator on his own. In this case, you will receive clear instructions from us on what you have to do.

Of course, we will be happy to accompany you on your further way and take care of updates, possibly necessary reorganization of marketing and content strategies as well as changing technical requirements. We will also be happy to advise you on the analysis of the measures taken.

Even if it seems far ahead, the topic of relaunch is always present and should be discussed at the beginning of any project. Because a complete relaunch of a website does not always make sense. Sometimes an extensive revision of the existing model is sufficient. For those who are making their first experiences with digitization, our professional honor dictates that we make our clients aware when the performance of their Internet presence and eCommerce needs to be revised.
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