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Discover Us

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions for 23+ years. Trusted partner for seamless integration and achieving digital goals. Choose Replaogic for digital transformation success.


At repalogic, we are committed to democratizing the digital realm. Drawing from over two decades of experience, we empower small and medium-sized businesses to carve their niche in the digital world. Through consultation, cutting-edge technology, and reliable operations, we provide our clients with the tools and expertise they need to thrive. We believe in not just talking about possibilities but in actualizing them, ensuring that every business, regardless of its size, has a fair shot at digital success.


We envision a digital landscape where the power isn't concentrated in the hands of a few global giants but is distributed equitably. With Repalogic leading the charge, we aim to level the playing field, making the digital world accessible and beneficial for all. Through our digital business ecosystem, TYRIOS, we aspire to revolutionize the way businesses operate online, fostering innovation, growth, and a brighter digital future for all.


Our core values empower digital businesses. We deliver cutting-edge solutions with passion for innovation and excellence. Our integrity ensures trust and transparency. Collaboration fosters strong partnerships, and a customer-centric approach drives us. Continuously learning and adapting, we enable clients to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our four pillars


We have been developing e-commerce systems and realizing the digital presence of companies for over 20 years. We know the challenges of the market and know which concepts really work. That is why we see it as an essential task to convey this knowledge to our customers.

We don't want to create any dependency, but to implement new ideas with our customers and enable them to independently operate digital business as an integral part of their own business

UX - Design 

User-friendly UX design for web and mobile applications is the basis for successful online applications. We have not only been developing websites for over 20 years, but also administration systems and applications. We know the challenges and the differences between both worlds.

The focus of the work in UX design is the conception, the continuous monitoring of how these concepts can be converted into design and how they can ultimately be used intuitively. We accompany this with usability tests and statistics in order to improve systematically. This allows us to offer our customers websites and apps that really work.


We have been building on our own technology for 20 years. With TYRIOS we have created an extensive and field-tested ecosystem with which essential digitization tasks can be implemented, simplified and automated. From the appealing, self-maintaining website to the online shop, from simple CRM to the fully automated newsletter system, TYRIOS offers ready-to-use applications right from the start in order to start quickly and cost-effectively in the digital world. And if you want it to be individual, it offers the perfect basis.

TYRIOS - the power of digital business.

Remote Hands

Digitization only works if it is understood as an essential part of the business concept. Our customers can rely on us as an extended workbench. We advise on technical and strategic questions as well as adjustments, extensions and reprogramming at any time. We are convinced that an iterative approach and systematic improvement over a long period of time are more successful than expensive one-off projects.

Our Journey 


Founded as a sole proprietorship repalogic by " Dr Mathias Bank"


Development of the MAIA framework

The basis for the new software system is created. In the same year, we reach the final round of the Biene Award (prize for barrier-free websites) with our community platform.


Development of MAIA eCommerce

The first complete solution of our online shop based on the new MAIA framework goes online.


MAIA pos - beginning of our cash register system

First steps towards connecting online and offline business, further modules towards Uni-Channel will follow.



As an EU-wide protected trademark


Conversion to repalogic GmbH with expansion globally 

Unsere Visionäre

Advisory Board

Dr. Christian Kerstan
Dr. Scarlett Schneider
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Our Core Team

Projekt-Management & Controlling-Team

Planning - control - coordination - reporting - budgeting - risk management - quality assurance

SEO & Content-Team

Keyword Research - SEO Optimization - Content Optimization - Content Creation - Link Building - Competitor Analysis - Performance Monitoring


Customer Service and Advice - Troubleshooting - Documentation - Customer Service - Software Support - Installation - Remote Hands


Usability testing - wireframing - prototyping - user research - user experience strategy - interaction design - concept development - accessibility design


Accessibility, HTML, SCSS, Angular, Vue, React, User Interface - Interaction - Design - Functionality - Responsive Design - Frontend Frameworks - Troubleshooting


Programming languages ​​- requirements analysis - conception - programming - databases - system testing - bug fixing - documentation

Mobile-App Development

Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Development Apps - Testing - Debugging - Documentation - Performance Optimization - Customer Support

Infrastructure Team

Server Administration, Cloud Infrastructure, Containers, Azure, Firebase

Sales & Marketing-Team

Customer acquisition - advertising - distribution - sales - product presentation - market research - customer service - pricing - negotiations

Key performance indicator


Jahre Erfahrung




transactions through our product

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Expertise
    Unser Team aus erfahrenen Fachleuten verfügt über jahrelange Erfahrung in der Branche, so dass wir die Besonderheiten und Herausforderungen Ihres Unternehmens genau kennen. Vertrauen Sie darauf, dass wir Lösungen liefern, die auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten sind.
  • Innovation
    Wir sind stolz darauf, immer an der Spitze des technologischen Fortschritts zu stehen. Durch den Einsatz neuester Tools und Techniken bringen wir innovative Ideen auf den Tisch und bieten Ihnen innovative Lösungen, die Ihr Unternehmen vorantreiben
  • Customization
    Wir glauben an einen personalisierten Ansatz. Wir nehmen uns die Zeit, Ihre individuellen Anforderungen zu verstehen und unsere Dienstleistungen auf Ihre Ziele abzustimmen. Unsere maßgeschneiderten Lösungen gewährleisten, dass Sie genau das erhalten, was Sie für Ihren Erfolg benötigen.
  • Seamless Integration
    Der Übergang in die digitale Welt sollte ein reibungsloser Prozess sein. Wir sorgen für eine nahtlose Integration unserer Lösungen in Ihre bestehenden Systeme, um Unterbrechungen zu minimieren und die Effizienz zu maximieren.
  • Client Satisfaction

    Unsere Priorität ist Ihre Zufriedenheit. Wir tun alles, um Ihre Erwartungen zu übertreffen, und bieten Ihnen während Ihrer gesamten Zusammenarbeit mit uns einen hervorragenden Kundendienst und Support. Ihr Erfolg ist unser Erfolg.
  • Proven Track Record
    Wir haben eine Erfolgsbilanz, die Ergebnisse liefert. Unzählige zufriedene Kunden aus verschiedenen Branchen können den Erfolg und den Wert, den wir bieten, bezeugen. Werden Sie Teil unserer Gemeinschaft zufriedener Kunden und erleben Sie den Unterschied selbst.

Our Extended Market

Germany, Spain, Austria, France, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey, India

Be A Part Of Our Journey

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth and opportunity? Join our dynamic team and become a valued part of our success story. At our company, we foster a collaborative and inclusive culture that encourages innovation and personal development. With a diverse range of projects and clients spanning across industries, you'll have the chance to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the digital transformation of businesses worldwide. Explore our career opportunities and take the next step towards a rewarding and fulfilling professional journey with us

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